Maria McDowell is Brixton Finishing School’s Head of Mentorship


Our mentors have a wealth of industry and general life experience, with the sole aim to guide and provide support, their job is to lend an ear, offer the benefit of their experience and empower our students to find their own solutions.
Mentoring can last for the duration of the course or for as long as you need this to be as mentoring is tailored to each students requirements. Our role is to find and allocate mentors on either a short and long term basis.


As a general guide, it is the role of the student to identify their own issues and goals, the mentors are there to assist, motivate and inspire. Each student will have the opportunity to communicate what kind of mentor they would like to have, after that they will be assigned a mentor based on their preferences, but also keeping in mind personality, overall goals and skiillset. Each student will be assigned a mentor within 3 weeks of beginning the course.
Mentoring can take take the form of:
  • One off mentoring a talk / mini seminar
  • Face to face ongoing mentoring
  • Email mentoring
  • Phone mentoring
  • A combination of all of the above


We are constantly looking for mentors who have a passion for helping and inspiring others. Ideally you will be a trusted professional with at least 3 years of industry experience,  have a knack with communicating with others, be a great listener and have free time to dedicate yourself in the pursuit of helping others.

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Watch this video for more details on how mentors can support our students