Our Founder

Ally Owen

Ally Owen is a Digital Leader with over 25 years of tenure in the Media & Advertising industries.  As well as creating Brixton Finishing School, Ally is Founder of Hoxton United (a Brand Discovery Agency that helps fund BFS) and Head of Partnerships at SCA 2.0 (the world’s most awarded Advertising School).

Her previous roles include Guardian News and Media, Unruly, MailOnline, Yahoo!, Women’s glossies and John Brown (Waitrose & John Lewis).

Ally ran the Communications for HowTheLightGetsIn, the world’s largest music and philosophy festival and volunteered at Refugee Action.

Award-winning campaigns include Life of Pi and Dove Prism.


Ally regularly speaks on bravery, the business benefits of diversity, untapped talent and imposter syndrome. Other favourite subjects include “How the hell did that Ad leave the house dressed like that” and showcases of great creative work and the insights behind them.