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Thanks for wanting to find out more about Brixton Finishing School – it’s really appreciated. If you would like to support our crowdfunding campaign please follow this link.


Here’s a recent article I wrote for Campaign that explores post C19 inclusion in the Marketing & Communications industry.


We are on a mission to create an inclusive ‘talent’ blueprint for our homogenous industry. 


We work with young talent from communities ‘underserved’ by industry employers – multicultural, white working-class and neurodiverse. This talent is primed for future excellence in a wide range of entry level roles including marketing, account management, strategy, creative and data/programmatic.


We are currently creating and supporting a large pool of entry level, diverse talent over the summer (and beyond). Recent events and the ongoing pandemic has created the perfect storm to further hamper those who find it challenging to break into the industry.  There is huge disruption to the futures of young people across the UK, with 68% of work experience canceled, placements evaporating and graduate schemes dissipating.


Without a diverse workforce, we’re not going to be able to successfully rebuild post-Covid-19. We need to protect and enrich our talent pipeline with a diversity of voices for employers in the future.


‘BFS’ has created two nationwide, virtual gateways to adland and the creative industries, free and open to all, in addition to Brixton Finishing School 2020 to provide positive pathways and an ever-growing group of entry-level candidates so there is no reason at all to have unbalanced shortlist.


Brixton Finishing School 2020: 29th June – 4th September

36 hand-picked talents, intensive, award-winning course. First pick of talent is available for interviews upon graduation to sponsors.


The AD-Camedy, curated by Brixton Finishing School

Nationwide, 10 weeks, FREE, virtual ‘experience’ (10 hours per week) – Content from BFS recorded and repurposed, additional speed mentoring sessions, and a chance to work on a bespoke Antony Nolan brief.

29th June – 4th September Currently c. 200 sign ups


Welcome to #Adland Virtual Work Experience week  

Fifty 14-19 year olds, in partnership with Speakers for Schools

13th – 17th July 2020


Please support us with your time, knowledge and investment! 




Ally Owen