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In 2023, Brixton Finishing School partnered with The Trade Desk to launch an expanded mentorship programme  to support underrepresented talent to break into the creative, media, advertising, and technology industries.

Our mentorship programme aims to inspire positive outcomes and retention for underrepresented talent in the industry by connecting Brixton Finishing School students and alumni with industry mentors from across our agency, brand, and tech partners.

Running over a six-month period, the programme consists of one-to-one connections between industry professionals and our emerging talent.

The mentorship programme runs throughout the year with the main cohorts in spring, summer and autumn. Throughout the year we also run mentoring events such as speed mentoring and facilitated group mentoring.

mentorship programme


If you’re ready to be a part of this transformative initiative and want to support emerging talent in the advertising and tech industries, register HERE to become a mentor.

Brixton Finishing School personally matches industry mentors with Talent who have taken part in one of our courses. Mentors and mentees receive induction training and direct support from our Head of Mentorship, Andrew South, who is on hand throughout the programme to offer advice and guidance.

Mentorship provides our students and young people the support they need to start and succeed in their early careers. Research from Youth Index 24 shows overall confidence and happiness of young adults across the UK has fallen to the lowest level in reporting history. Furthermore, half of BFS Talent feel that not knowing the right people holds them back.

We pair mentors up with mentees who share similar career goals, backgrounds and ambitions.

Over a series of months you will meet up (virtually or in person) to discuss the mentee’s career goals, CVs and interview prep, writing job applications, networking support, and general career readiness. It is up to each pair to determine the schedule and content of your sessions.


Mentorship options:


mentorship programme


If you’re ready to be a part of this transformative initiative and want to support emerging talent in the advertising and tech industries...

mentorship programme



Fill out the mentor registration form.


Once registered we ask that you take part in a 2 hour induction training (virtual or in person) where we will provide you with the tools needed to support your mentee. For returning mentors, you only need to do the training once.


We will assess your application and pair you up with a mentee that compliments your skills and experience.


once the match is made we will introduce you over email to your mentee. You will then schedule your meetings directly with your mentee (minimum of 6 times over 6 months).


Work with your mentee to set goals for your work together.


We’ll be regularly checking in with mentors and mentees to make sure the match is going well. At the end of the programme, we will ask you to complete a short feedback survey so we can improve the programme going forward.


At the end of your mentoring cycle we will celebrate your achievements and success with a small online celebration.
mentorship programme


Brixton Finishing School runs a series of free programmes for young people throughout the year in parallel with the mentorship programme including our ADcademy Live boot camps and Summer School. We can also run a bespoke programme for your organisation (contact to discuss).

We have a new Alumni Mentoring program that runs year round to support Talent that have been on one or more of our programmes and have worked in the industry for a short amount of time. They are ready to take the step up from entry level to more experienced professionals with the help of a mentor. We match alumni with mentors on an ongoing and ad-hoc basis.

“Last year, I embarked on my first mentoring experience with a student from the Brixton Finishing School, and I'm glad I seized the chance. Watching my mentee gain confidence week by week was so satisfying—it truly highlighted the impact of sharing my experiences. I've gotta say, it's been a fulfilling journey, and I'd absolutely recommend it to anyone eager to support the next generation.”

“I appreciated speaking to someone who took a genuine interest in my life & career. My mentor also plugged me with people who could provide experience in my desired industries”

mentorship programme


If you’re ready to be a part of this transformative initiative and want to support emerging talent in the advertising and tech industries...


Andrew South

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