Future Talent Unwrapped with happy students with arms around each other smiling

Launching our third wave of alumni research with Future Talent: Unwrapped

We are so excited to share the findings of our annual Future Talent: Unwrapped report. With our fantastic alumni now sharing their experiences of working in the industry for at least 2-3 years, this year’s results are our biggest and most in-depth than ever before!

Some of the report findings from our alumni include: 

  • 73%  think more should be done to attract more diverse groups to the advertising industries 
  • ⅓ have seen others treated differently at work because of how they look / who they are
  • Top career wishlists are: 1. Clear career progression with 55% & 2. Competitive salary with 54% 
  • “I don’t have enough faith in progression in the industry for people of colour to believe that I could ever be in a senior position.”

Download & read the full report here: Future Talent: Unwrapped 



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