Alfie Singleton, BFS Graduate now at Kinetic Worldwide

What were you doing before BFS?

I had worked in a number of different roles such as data entry, and warehouse stock management.

What did you get out of BFS?

BFS was a source of confidence – I left knowing I was prepared to begin applying for roles within media because of the skills I had gained.

Where are you now?

Now I work in the Kinetic OOH team at Mindshare, and have been there since November.

Tramaine Bailey, BFS Graduate now at Vizeum Global

What I was doing Before BFS

Before BFS I had just come to the end of an apprenticeship in the community sector and was searching for my next career venture.

What I got out of BFS

Through BFS I gained valuable insight into to the media industry and important life skills such as networking effectively.

Where am I now?

I am now an Innovation Executive at Vizeum Global.

Amie Sesay, BFS Graduate now at Vizeum Global

Graduate of BFS, now Account Executive at Vizeum Global

What you were doing before BFS?   

I was studying A Levels at sixth Form college.

What did you get out of BFS?  

Access to a network and industry, Building soft skills and knowledge, Accelerated access into the industry – resulting in a job

Where you are now?

Account exec at Vizeum Global

Davis Boetang, BFS Graduate now at Primesight

What I was doing before BFS?

I was in between jobs, working in various bars and at M&S to try and get by. But I needed a long-term plan to get me to the next step of where I needed to be and luckily I got accepted onto the program, to learn something new.

What did you get out of BFS?

The course  gave me a glimpse of what advertisers look for in the audience they’re capturing!

Where are you now?

After the course, my contract ended at M&S yet Primesight hired me straight away, as one door closed another one opened. Could say it was a blessing in disguise!

Andy Aw, BFS Graduate now at Rubicon Project

What you were doing before BFS?   

I was unemployed, applying to a million things which I wasn’t exactly sure what they were but was looking for opportunities.

What did you get out of BFS?  

A lot of information. Everyone comes out of education or something with a dream job,  BFS helped me realise what is fantasy and what is actually achievable and of course there is a lot of things you’ll have to muddle through to figure out what you actually want to, but when you are in a situation where everyone else is in the same figurative boat, you don’t have to muddle alone and helps if you have fun along the way.

Where you are now?

A Rubicon Project Account Executive, really happy where I am now, I only discovered my interest into programmatic advertising until a field experience trip to Oath. I came from a tech background in my education and glad I found something that aligns with that.