Brixton Finishing School has completely changed my life. From entering the industry and not knowing much about ad-land, to securing my first role as a junior in marketing. I couldn’t have done it without the course.


KFC marketing role
Ray Taiwo Testimonial

I would say my development is marked by confidence and clarity. The ADcademy helped connect the missing pieces together and provided guidance to make better decisions for the future.

The programme has shown me that my curiosity is more than a quirk. It’s a strength that provides value in the wider industry.

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KFC marketing role

It was really fulfilling that people wanted to listen to what I wanted to say. I don’t know where I’d be if it weren’t for Brixton Finishing School.


News UK commercial sales

Brixton Finishing School has helped me develop my skills and realise what I am capable of. Securing an internship has provided me with the opportunity to learn about different roles I can do and get a feel for the role I gravitate towards.


The Trade Desk advertising technology intern
Munraj Brixton Finishing School

Brixton Finishing School is an incredible opportunity for anyone looking to realise their creative potential.

The programme is intense and through it you form life lasting relationships, and grow through practical creative application. You’re given a foot in the door of world shaping companies, in an industry that’s sadly not unwelcoming, but uninviting, to most. This is also why BFS is an opportunity like no other for the creative industries too, as it gives the participants and the partner companies of the scheme a chance to change the industry for the better.

There truly is nothing like this for the creative industries and everything Brixton Finishing School does is designed to live their ethos – disrupt the industry.


Grey London creative
Luca Casu Brixton Finishing School

Before starting Brixton Finishing School I didn’t have a clue about the roles on offer in the advertising industry. It felt like a ‘secret society’ that was open to only a select few. But, the insightful immersion days at BFS taught me so much, whether it be about the roles or what it takes to succeed in this growing industry.


Magnite revenue assistant
Malek a SBF student smiling

No words can describe‬ how much Brixton Finishing School has changed my life.

Not only was I able to collaborate with like-minded creatives and create long term friendships, I was able to gain real industry experience and land a job at the amazing Kinetic by the end of the 10-week course and I couldn’t be happier! I will always recommend applying to BFS because it could change your life too!


Kinetic junior account executive

It’s pretty insane how fast this summer flew by but what’s more insane is that I’m graduating from Brixton Finishing School with an internship at R/GA!!!

  • Ally Owen is truly a g.
  • You have to be disruptive to get noticed.
  • Networking isn’t as scary as it seems.
  • You should form relationships with everyone and anyone – no interaction is time wasted. Ask questions!
  • Inspiration can come from anywhere.

A million thank yous to everyone involved with BFS and the lovely industry professionals that I met along the way. I’m sure I will cross paths with you all again.


R/GA Intern

Through The ADcademy & ADcelerate Week not only was I able to learn first-hand from industry professionals but I was able to build a solid network of people including everyone from CEOs to young talented freshmen.

If not for The ADcademy, I would have always felt like an outsider but now as I start my first role in advertising I feel like I have found a place where I feel I truly belong.


mSix digital executive

The range of speakers we ‬had on the course gave the insights, pep talks and confidence boost I needed to get out of my comfort zone and broaden my understanding of the industry

Without The ADcademy providing some fab female mentors, I wouldn’t even know about the side of the industry I’m now working in

They sparked the start of my learning, which continues everyday in my new role.


Spark Foundry digital investment executive
Sam Mukherjee BFS Student Smiling

‪I'd been told by‬ a lot of people that the only way to learn about the industry in the UK is to go to a fancy ad school and leave either as an art director or copywriter - but through the Brixton Finishing School programmes I've learned that there are so much more fun and exciting avenues into the industry.

I'm really grateful that you guys took the time to make a phenomenal programme like this and really owe you a massive debt of gratitude for all I've managed to learn.


Taylor Herring assistant producer



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