Our Mission

To disrupt how the Creative Industries recruit


We deliver diverse talent to fuel a company’s competitive advantage as more diverse teams produce better returns*. Different types of thinking mean new perspectives, fresh ideas and better advertising/creative work.

We offer a FREE 10-week programme for 18-25s which delivers a premium learning experience for our students through a mixture of lessons and real-world advertising experience.



Our focus is on finding and developing untapped talent – we don’t give out places based on work experience or qualifications. We want to make these roles feel accessible to anyone who has the talent and drive to succeed.

We believe that there is a huge pool of talent that needs to feel encouraged to pursue jobs in creative, digital, and tech industries, no matter what your background. 

*(Source: McKinsey)

What Is Brixton Finishing School?

Outreach to ‘underrepresented’ groups e.g. Multi-Cultural/ Working Class/  Females/ Neurodiverse 18-25 year old untapped talent

10 weeks of free, full time learning from the best in the industry. Gain digital skills, creative/critical thinking and winning work behaviours

Opportunity for a role with one of our Sponsors, who have first pick of the graduate pool. Entry level jobs in advertising/ marketing/ creative departments

We offer continued support from industry mentors and ‘BFS’ staff. There are food and travel bursaries to do the course available, additional grants available upon acceptance