Winning at Web

Content Marketing

How do brands show their values through content? How do you plan this?


Learn the dark arts of SEO… an essential part of any marketing campaign.

Social Media

How do you use it to sell more stuff and keep your existing customers happy?

Online Shop

The web is a global shop window. Understand the basic principles of online sales.

Digital Business Strategy

You’ve got an idea. How are you going to use digital to make it happen?

Display Ads

Paid advertising that can granular target consumers or alternatively reach millions with a single message.


Learn the basics of reading data and how to generate insights.

Web Presence

What elements make up a brands digital footprint?


Digital Creative takes many forms. Work on briefs to come up with ideas and executions.


80% of the content consumed on the web is video.


Best practice is digital content should be “mobile first” as this is the key platform for consumers.


Data is the basis of audience insights (who they are, what they do, where they live). It’s the ‘liquid gold’ of the internet.

Winning at Work

Original Thinking

We don’t know what new tech is around the corner. As long as you can think critically you will be able to leverage it.


At the heart of every great creative campaign is an idea, based on insights distinct to it’s target market.


What is Creativity? Is everyone creative? Can it be taught? The short answer: YES (to an extent!)

Your Personal Brand

What are your values? Your unique talents and skills? How can you ‘package’ yourself as a brand to win in the workplace?

Get Your Ideas Across

A a great idea only takes hold and happens if others listen and get behind it.


How to win and ensure everyone else does too. The art of adding value while moving your own agenda forwards.

Functional IT Skills

Are essential. So we support you in nailing them.

Problem Solving

Whatever business you are in everyone prefers a suggestion of a solution to a problem. Gain the tools to deliver this.

Office Etiquette

Learning how to succeed in a workplace through winning behaviours and self awareness.